St. Paul Brewery News

Clutch Brewery Coming Soon!

With Clutch’s amazing looking lager lineup, and the historic location they reside in, Clutch will be a must visit for anyone looking for a unique brewery experience.

Join the Citizenry

Dual Citizen is a community-focused brewhouse with inspired, modern takes on classically-styled beers. All with a focus on celebrating community roots and developing local pride.

Beers set to go mainstream in 2018

Lagers and Sours and New England IPA’s. Oh My!

The 10 Best Breweries in St. Paul

Everyone likes a top 10 list. Did your favorite make the cut?

12 Breweries you need to visit

There are more than 130 craft breweries in the state of Minnesota, and most of those are in the metro area.

So whether you’re a new fan of craft beer or you’re entertaining beer lovers from out of town, it can be hard to figure out where to start.

Beer talk for noobs

How do you order your dream brew without knowing what you want?

Brewery Boom!

10 new breweries have been built in St. Paul since 2015! And more are in the works!

12welve eyes NOW OPEN!

Come check us out in lowertown today!

8 ways beer is good for you

Now you have a good reason to get out and visit a great St. Paul brewery. To live longer!