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Michael Danielson is the publisher of St. Paul Breweries. As a homegrown brewery enthusiast (a St. Paul Schmidt connoisseur) he became excited about the St. Paul community breweries while meeting Mark Stutrud of Summit Brewing Company. As an artist and advertising specialist it was only a matter of time stpaulbreweries.com was soon to become the best brewery guide for the twin-cities.

Mike Danielson is President & Creative Director of M.R. DANIELSON ADVERTISING with three decades of service and dedication to the communication industry with a focus on developing Saint Paul’s community online digital infrastructure. CEO of saint-paul.com a online cityguide, cocoonsocialmedia.com our social media publishing division and many online environments his agency created and published through the DigitalTransformationGroup.com. Artist MichaelRoyDanielson.com is a renowned creative representing three strategic studio environments.


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